MonsterMMORPG is a leading browser MMORPG game which is better than Pokemon Online Games. At this article i am going to review MonsterMMORPG to you players.

26th February 2012


F2P Browser MMORPG Game Better Than Pokemon Online Games MonsterMMORPG Review

At this article i am going to make a quick review of free indie game called as MonsterMMORPG which is getting popular among the free games players and Pokemon fans pretty quickly.

The Good

  • The game requires only a decent browser and almost 0 computer power so you can play this game at any computer which has access to internet
  • A lot of different and high quality monsters
  • A lot of different game features such as game page embedded chat screen
  • Does not requires continues game playing so you can play anytime you want
  • Very advanced anti cheating systems along with security which provides players a very clean game experience and fair game
  • Children safety so every age group can play the game
  • A lot of different maps to explore and very active game community
  • Very advanced game mechanics which allows players to have their almost unique monster when it comes to monster stats

The Bad

  • Poorly designed website theme but developer saying that he is going to hire a professional artist
  • Some people might not enjoy from no animation games

Rating: 9.1/10 Review By Computer Games Expert

Alright people lets start this review with how to play game. First of all you need to register the game for free. When registering game you will pick up your starter monster to battle with wild monsters and capture them. When battling you can throw monster boxes to catch wild monsters and when your monster team got fainted you can go to the monster center and heal your team.

You will be able to find wild monsters by walking on grass area at the map. For looking map features and determining where to farm you better check very detailed prepared maps page.

As a newcomer to the game you really should watch the Monster MMORPG gameplay tutorial videos. The gameplay videos page of MonsterMMORPG containing the tutorial videos that will help you to understand how to play game up to 90% percent. So you better watch videos before trying to get further at the game. You can also as the active gaming community of MonsterMMORPG or use the chat screen at the main game page.

MonsterMMORPg another great feature is that the developer saying the game development will never end and game will continue to get better. MonsterMMORPG is using the volunteer artists artworks so it is kind of community generated game. But not only using volunteer artists artworks but also the developer recently hired pro artists for professional new awesome quality monsters and awesome quality 520 maps. You really should look at these incoming new maps and new monsters because they are really really good. You can see several examples of these monsters and maps at below.

[Image: 030-route26.PNG] [Image: 031-TOWN.PNG] [Image: 032-route27.PNG] [Image: 033-route28.PNG] [Image: 018-route15.PNG]  [Image: 020-city-NORMAL-MM.PNG]

Mastice (Ice & Normal): [Image: 038_Mastice.png] -

Jaghoul (Ghost & Dark) [Image: 039_Jaghoul.png]

Arbogon (Grass & Dragon): [Image: 040_Arbogon.png] -

Grythin (Flying & Steel): [Image: 041_Grythin.png]

MonsterMMORPG very talented and volunteer artists also recently started to redraw MonsterMMORPG’s current monsters images. The new redrawn ones are a lot better quality than the previous ones. Here several examples of them

[Image: 652Meteoid.png] [Image: 656Solord.png] [Image: 657Lunardian.png] [Image: 658Alaclipse.png] [Image: 659Alieian.png]

The game also has a game play HD screenshots page so you can get an idea about the game so quickly.

This game is especially for the Pokemon Online games lovers. The developer saying that we know Pokemon fans are desperately looking for Pokemon MMORPG but Nintendo seems like not going to have any time soon. There are some other fan made Pokemon MMORPG games out there but they can be shut down by Nintendo anytime because we know that Nintendo shut down several times before.

MonsterMMORPG banners are also very good quality. You will also find awesome quality many game avatars . Just pick up your favorite one from your control panel and display it at your profile.

So in summary this game deserves credit. Play it and see yourself. Have fun.

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